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Our Band is a team and all members of the team are important! Thank you for planning in advance to schedule other activities and appointments around the band calendar so that ALL MEMBERS of the team can be present to work together at every rehearsal. In certain circumstances, absences may be excused with permission from me IN ADVANCE (as soon as you are aware of the potential conflict) and require a note, email, or phone message from a parent or guardian. The students owe it to each other – to the team – to be present and on time. The success of our band will be a tremendous reward!

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Other Information

Band Travel

Travel instructions will be given prior to leaving for any destination. All band members will travel to games/competitions on school-approved transportation. Students may ride back with a parent or guardian provided they have signed out with a Band Director (please submit a completed Alternate Travel Request Form). No student is permitted to leave with anyone but their own parent or guardian unless arrangements are made prior to the trip. Only personal audio devices with headphones will be allowed on buses.

Uniform Rules

Read More about uniform rules and care…

Anna Band Boosters Scholarship

The Anna Band Boosters Scholarships recognize Senior Band students who demonstrate musical excellence, leadership, and have a history of actively contributing to the development and growth of the Anna Band program, by providing financial support to help defray the costs of future college expenses. Email, subject line: Booster Scholarships.


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