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Boosters Love Our Band! This Band Is A Family! It's all about the kids This is what we do! They gotta eat... Bring your cooking skills! They need your support... How can you say no to these faces? It's a bit of both... Work hard...Have Fun! Join Boosters!

Welcome To The Anna Band Boosters

The mission of the Anna Band Boosters is to support the directors, our students, and the band programs in creating, producing, and performing the best possible marching and concert programs.  We promote excellence in education through support of an outstanding musical instrument program. We believe that a great band program develops the physical, mental, and spiritual gifts of our students. The discipline learned and the work habits developed serve the band members for the balance of their life.

The Anna Band Boosters support and promote the instrumental music program, raise financial support, provide scholarships, and repair/alter uniforms. The Boosters also provide food and drink for special occasions; serve as chaperones for all band trips; and support the percussion pit by moving heavy equipment on and off the field during halftime and competition performances.

What Do The Band Boosters Do?

The Boosters’ mission is to promote, aid, and financially assist the Anna High School Band, its students and staff. We support the band directors’ vision and assist the Band in their activities, shows,  competitions, and promote Band involvement in our community.

Every parent has something to contribute. Expertise is needed in every possible area from making phone calls, sewing, word processing, accounting, and even baking/cooking. Our collective group of parents provides the tools of every trade.

Many parents think that the sole purpose of the Booster Club is fundraising. While that is part of what we do, the main purpose is to create a partnership that connects students, parents, and director.

The Boosters:

★   Identify the needs of the Band
★   Ensure students have food and other necessities
★   Support Band Personnel and their curriculum
★   Create engaging fundraiser events
★   Promote student & parent involvement

Thank you for supporting Your Anna Coyote Band!


Booster members, we need your help! There are many types of volunteer opportunities throughout the band year:

Band Hall Cleanup
Truck Loading/Unloading
Uniforms (inspecting, cleaning, mending)
Stadium Setup/Cleanup (at football games)
Serving Refreshments

Chaperone (parties, trips, UIL events, etc)
Sewing, Crafts, Uniform Maintenance
Food Donation
Food Prep / Pickup / Sales (concessions)

Join Boosters

Come see how much fun we have supporting our students at games, events, concerts, and even special band trips! (UIL State Marching Band trip to San Antonio was a blast!)

Note: there is no longer a membership fee to join, but you must be a member in order to vote on items at the monthly booster meetings.

To keep our records current, please submit a new Membership Request each school year.


If you own a business you might consider offering a percentage of sales on a given day or type of sale directly to the Anna Band Boosters.

Or perhaps donation of needed items like snacks, drinks and other types. We are always accepting water and hydration type items donated; these kids work HARD!

To get more information from our Fundraising Manager, touch the arrow below…

The Anna Band Boosters is organized around a Board of Directors and a number of standing committees. The Board of Directors is comprised of six officers, some of whom also serve as a Chairperson of one of the committees. The term for elected positions run from June 1st to May 31st.

Board of Directors

The President leads all meetings, making sure each meeting is conducted according to the widely used Robert’s Rules of Order. The President also works to ensure that all board members and committees are performing their respective duties. In short, the President oversees all Band Booster activities.

Vice President
The Vice President assists the President and acts on behalf of the President in his/her absence. The Vice President also serves as the chair of the Nominating Committee.

The Secretary is responsible for maintaining all meeting records. Minutes are recorded at each meeting, written up, and then presented for approval at a later meeting. Once approved, the minutes are archived as part of the organization’s public record. The Secretary is also responsible for maintaining a calendar of all band and band booster events/activities. This is currently done via Google calendar.

The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the organization’s finances and taxes, and for handling all deposits to and disbursements from the organization’s bank account. The Treasurer also presents a financial report at each general meeting.

Communications Officer
The Communications Officer is responsible for all public and internal communications, including the organization’s website, social media, newspaper articles, email lists, Slack, etc. The Communications Officer serves as the chair of the Publicity/Historian Committee.

Fundraising Officer
The Fundraising Officer sets the organization’s fundraising strategy, organizing fundraising events and working with potential sponsors. The Fundraising Officer serves as the chair of the Fundraising Committee.

Join A Committee!!

Click each to see what they do!

Fundraising Committee

 (Chaired by the Fundraising Officer)

Fundraising is a key activity for the band boosters, as school district funding does not cover everything needed to support the band’s activities. Monies raised by the band boosters go to fund the following items:

  • Marching show props (materials and construction)
  • Costumes (pit, guard, field crew, etc)
  • Snacks/drinks for football games
  • Meals provided on trips or at parties
  • Senior college scholarships
  • Other expenses not covered by school district funds.

Fundraising activities have included:

  • Fancloth (t-shirts, sweatshirts, decals, etc)
  • Concession stand sales (at MS football games)
  • Mattress Palooza
  • Test Drive Event
  • Car Wash
  • Silent Auction/Bazaar (held at the Christmas Concert)
  • DVD sales

Volunteer Committee

 Working with the band directors, the Chaperone/Event Crew Committee coordinates adult chaperones for all band trips. Band trips may last from a few hours to a few days. This committee is also responsible for ensuring there are sufficient adult volunteers to help with band events like:

  • Football games
  • Marching contests
  • Out of town trips (spring trip, band competitions, etc)
  • Fundraisers
  • Concerts
  • Band parties

Volunteer signups have been managed online with either VolunteerSpot or SignUpGenius. Check out the page for signup opportunities!

Props Committee

Props Committee

The Props Committee is responsible for designing, building, and maintaining all props for the fall marching show, winter guard, winter percussion, and all other band-related shows.


Student Activities Committee

The Student Activities Committee coordinates all student-related activities like parties and trips. This could include finding a venue, decorations, and providing food/drinks. If food is required for an event, the committee may decide to make it or to buy it.

If adult volunteers are needed, the committee will enlist the help of the Chaperone/Event Crew Committee.

Uniform Committee

The Uniform Committee is responsible for maintaining all band uniforms, including both marching and concert uniforms. Committee responsibilities include:

  • Fittings
  • Uniform storage/organization
  • Emergency repairs
  • Year-end cleaning

Publicity/Historian Committee

The Publicity/Historian Committee is responsible for promoting the band and all its many accomplishments. It is also responsible for capturing and preserving the band’s history. To do this, the committee is responsible for the following:

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is charged with finding enthusiastic parent volunteers to serve in the roles outlined above, and presenting those nominees at the May meeting.

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