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8-20-2019 ACB Newsletter

8-20-2019 ACB Newsletter

Dear Coyote Band members and parents,

I hope everybody is having a great week so far. The kids have had great rehearsals this week. We might be able to march and play the first 2 movements of our show at our first football game, which is MUCH further
than we’ve ever gotten!

• The deadline for the Disney form has been extended to Monday. I’ll try to outline the fundraising opportunities available to help some of you make a more informed decision.

Chocolate Bar Fundraiser – our MS kids made almost 7,000 off of this fundraiser.
Snap Raise – basically an email donation campaign, designed more for out of town friends and family that may not be able to do any other kind of fundraiser participation.

• The deadline for the Drug Testing form is Friday. If you do it online, I’ll get the athletics department to give me a report. If you do paper, I’ll mark your name off.
• The deadline for Band Fee forms has passed, but we still need it to try and get as accurate on sizing of clothing/shoes as we can.
• Anybody without a physical is going to have to attend rehearsal, but sit out until the physical is done.

PLEASE JOIN THE COYOTE MARCHING BAND SCHOOLOGY GROUP! Remind is no longer a district approved form of communication, so we’re trying to phase this out. Please download the Schoology app on your phone, find the groups tab, hit the “+” sign and enter the following code:


If you have any questions I am happy to help. You can call or email any time and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Justin Wallis
Anna High School Band
972-924-1100 x4715

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