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8-12-2019 ACB Newsletter

8-12-2019 ACB Newsletter

Dear Coyote Band members and parents,

Good afternoon Anna High School Band! We’re almost finished with arguably the most difficult part of our entire year! We’re excited about having marched and played our entire first movement of our show in only 1 week. Typically this takes a lot longer, but we’ve been more efficient this year, and things are going very well.

Here’s some info you need to know:

o After receiving some more information about our staff development, tomorrow night’s rehearsal (Tuesday, 8/13) will begin at 5 pm. The Band Parent Night event will begin at 7 pm, and we’ll be finished by 8 pm so kids can get to bed and be ready for the first day of school Wednesday!

o This Friday is “Meet the Coyote Night” where all fall sports athletes and band members will be introduced, and we will perform the first movement of our marching show for those in attendance. We will begin rehearsing at 5 pm, the event starts at 7 pm in the HS gym, and we’ll be done and hopefully able to release students around 8:30. This is a mandatory event. We typically do not include anything on our schedules that are not mandatory. If it ever is, we almost always make a note of that.

o Drug Testing Form: Please follow this link to the Drug Testing Consent Form. This is a form that is required to participate in extracurricular activities.

o Forms/Fees: We are off to a good start with fees and forms. I need a form from every student no later than this Wednesday. Whether or not there is money attached, please send the form so we know what to order for students.
o DISNEY UPDATE! – If you missed the meeting, email me and I’ll get you a “Disney Trip Commitment Form” for you to fill out and return. This trip will occur on March 5 – 10, 2019.

PLEASE JOIN THE COYOTE MARCHING BAND SCHOOLOGY GROUP! Remind is no longer a district approved form of communication, so we’re trying to phase this out. Please download the Schoology app on your phone, find the groups tab, hit the “+” sign and enter the following code:


I know this is kind of a pain, but PLEASE do this so I can communicate with you guys effectively! Thanks!

If you have any questions I am happy to help. You can call or email any time and I will get back to you as soon
as I can!

Justin Wallis
Anna High School Band
972-924-1100 x4715

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